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Oct 11, 2012 11:00am PDT
laos lie e delopi economies of thailand, china, vietnam and cambodia. the north of laos is almos entirely mountains, covering 70% of the country. much of its western border a tural barrier to trade. river, the friendship bridge breached that barrier. narrator: somphavan inthavong is in the power business. he was an engineer on the first hydroelectric scheme built here in 1951. to him, these rugged mountains and flowing waters are a pot of gold. laos produces far more electricity than it can use. the surplus, approximately 80% of the power generated, is sold to thailand at a profit. the dream is on a grand scale: laos emerging to the world on an electricity-led boom. inthavong: narrator: the hydroelectric business could make enough money but laos can't payveme for construction stanrdr of the dams and generators. traditionally, around the world, dam construction took the form of massive public projects-- grand symbols of national development, like egypt's aswan dam. but laos is following a new model-- privatization. woman: globally, there's a trend towards privatization of water re
Oct 2, 2012 7:30pm PDT
" the american platoon is not fighting the enemy; they're fighting each other. (announcer) vietnam veterans disagree on whether this shows the war exactly as they fought it, but most agree it has a profound effect. it's a pretty devastating film. it really is. it really touched the personal side of it. for vets, be ready for it. good afternoon, candidates, i'm captain vickers, leadership office here at officer candidate school. get cha' in the afternoon, get cha' during the death hour. to get us goin' this afternoon i'm going to show you a little bit of a film clip that's gonna give you an idea of everything that's wrong when you talk about a unit and professionalism and ethics we expect them to demonstrate. lights out. (yelling in vietnamese) (gunshot) (baby sobbing) gives you an uneasy feeling, doesn't it? think about that's a depiction of u.s. armed forces personnel. i had problems with depictions of the americans being the great aggressor and antagonist, and it's not so. unfortunately, that clip showed the military in an unfavorable light, but, by the same token, a realistic military ve
Oct 7, 2012 3:00pm EDT
sure that everyone here ina the template agree with meme whn i said that the vietnam war t figures largely in the american memory.nces with e the war seems very reason, kept alive by constant references. r in more frequently, my very own "new york times" op-ed about a vietnam, which was heard last vn month. the vietnam war still feels verb president. this is not surprising in theest the war, which is still america's longest war shook the foundations of u.s. society. he reached into nearly every american home your military thri service, participation and protest movement, and evenizens through television and everydayt citizens and their leaders debated the merits this far-off place in southeast asia. over 56,000 american lives werey lost.istory she nation was torn asunder. a no wonder it doesn't seemthe ncient history. this feeling that the vietnam war had just transpired is even more culpable. although my parents, who are here today, rarely talked about vietnam, my father was, would admonish me, focus, focus pi on the present and future homework done.ece i was able to piece togeth
Oct 19, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. >> as one whose heart has eight for the past 10 years of the agony of vietnam, i will hold the senseless bombing on and our role day. >> as a family spokesperson confirms senator mcgovern is in hospice care, unresponsive and there in the end of his life, we will play extended excerpts of the documentary "one bright shining moment: the forgotten summer of george mcgovern." it traces his historic campaigne presidency. >> that is the highlight of my life, i guess, winning the democratic nomination of the oldest political party in american history. i remember excited faces, people laughing and talking, some weeping. there was a lot of emotion and passion in that campaign. and i will take those memories with me the rest of my life. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in sacramento, california a. dozens of people were killed thursday when syrian warplanes bombed the rebel-held town of maaret al-numan. rescue workers interviewed at the scene reported a toll of at least 44 people, including 29
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, and as a senator, became known for his growing contempt for the vietnam war. >> the first time i spoke against vietnam, my son was then 9 years old. he's now 19, and faced with the draft. it never occurred to me when i started speaking out against that war that it would some day catch my own son 10 years later. >> reporter: he voted in favorite of the 1964 resolution which authorized military action in vietnam and would regret it. as the years dragged on, he would become more and more adamant that the solution for vietnam was political and not military. by 1972, he accepted the democratic nomination for president at 3:00 a.m., and his platform revolved around an appeal of withdrawal from vietnam. >> come home, america, to the affirmation that we have a dream, to the conviction -- >> i knew that we had 75 or 80 million people out there watching the convention during the horse play time. i was probably lucky if i had 2 million people watching at 2:30 in the morning. we did well in guam, as i recall. we were out in primetime out there. that was about the onl
Oct 8, 2012 6:00am EDT
vietnam and your experience there. we talked about the whole situation you had where you were accused of being a communist. i wrote down, when i looked back at it, the quote from you -- "i am a conservative on most issues." >> i am a conservative on most issues. >> over the years people have thought you were just the opposite. what do you say to them? >> most people who get up their dander over this, there is not much point in saying anything because they do not want to hear it. but i tried to explain that i am a conservative in most things, or, a very old-fashioned liberal in the old british, i will not suggest the imperial britain, the white man's burden and all of that business, but an old-fashioned liberal who has been very conservative views in terms of fiscal policy. i think the word conservative has been given a really bad name by some of the crazier elements of the right in this country. what ever happened to conservatives like nelson rockefeller and those guys, who were among the most patriotic americans? the essentially they were working as politicians to make this a better
Oct 18, 2012 10:00pm PDT
is that the reason that he didn't serve in vietnam was because it was against the religion. >> no, that is not correct. he was serving his mission. and my five sons have also served missions. none served in the military. but i have one son that feels that he is giving back to his country where he is now a doctor and taking care of veterans. we find different ways observing. and my five boys did not serve in the military. but they did serve missions. what kind of missions, cia missions. anne romney just used the phrase serve missions three times without saying what they were. why didn't she say religious or mormon missions. they go out into the world and try to convert people into mormonism. that is what he was doing on a beach in france when hundreds of thousands of men his age were being shot at in vietnam. mitt and anns sons each reached military age during wartime and each of them like their father before them refused to even consider serving in the wars of their era that they support. they have supporsed those wars not serving in wars. you don't support serving in wars. not se
Oct 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
vietnam. >> exactly. tropical storm son-tinh is moving through. sometime between saturday afternoon and sunday morning. stormy conditions will start to impact vietnam by saturday morning. rainfall could be quite huge. more heavy rain will be coming down in parts of central vietnam. heavy rain is ongoing as much as 150 millimeters is likely in the northern half of the country. as for the rest of east asia a rain band will form over the river valley. rain will be intensifying and head toward the korea peninsula. turning quite wet in tokyo on sunday but for the time being dry conditions and nice clear skies with high of 22 degrees. very chilly. only one degree expected. t the chilly temperatures will make its way toward the south. let's go to the americas. let's talk about what's happening across the caribbean sea. this is hurricane sandy. a category 2 system. yesterday it blew through jamaica and produced map slides as well as land slides. the center is located over the central bahamas and is heading toward the north western bahamas. it looks like it's going to move to the east coast
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm EDT
in vietnam. here is janet mccarthy, a progressive young senator from minnesota running against him for the presidential nomination. mccarthy had not been heavily involved in the anit-war movement. he announced formally he would run for president. johnson saw him began to gather strength and force. he was threatening to win the wisconsin primary. i think he just cannot stand it. my god, what have i done? i have this whole country with me in 1964. i won that election in a landslide. he gave goldwater a shellacking that like richard nixon did me in 1972. the whole country swung against them. that is what led him to not running for reelection. >> had you considered running against johnson? >> i had considered. the anti-war people were after me running against him. i was perhaps the most outspoken critic of the war. i was somewhat of a folk hero on university campuses. they were asking me to run. i did not see how i could do that because i was up for reelection to the senate. i won the first race in 1962 in a recount. i barely nosed out my opponent. and now i am up for reelection. i jus
FOX News
Oct 21, 2012 7:00am PDT
opposition to the vietnam war. he also knew battle firsthand. he served in world war ii as a b-24 bomber pilot. bret baier has a look back at senator mcgovernogovern's caree. >> i love the united states, but i love it enough so i want to see some changes made. the american people want to believe in their government. they want to believe in their country, and i'd like to be one of those that provides the kind of leadership that would help restore that kind of faith. >> george mcgovern will long be remembered as an orator for peace and the 1972 democratic nominee for president who lost in a disastrous landslide to richard nixon. his 22-year career in washington was marked by massive improvements for rural americans in farming and an increased awareness in the devastations of world hunger. >> if you grow up out in the great plains, you have to live with the idea that next year is going to be better. you can't survive any other way. >> haling from the plain state of south dakota, mcgovern was a quiet kid who found his voice in the high school debate team. his skills served him well as a unit
Oct 21, 2012 8:00am EDT
the senate in 1962 and as senator, he game moan for his growing contempt for the vietnam war. >> the first time i spoke against vietnam, my son was then nine years old. he's now 19, and faced with the draft. never occurred to me it would some day catch my own son 10 days later. >> reporter: he voted in favor of a resolution that authorized vietnam action -- action in vietnam and would regret it. by 1972, as he accepted the democratic nomination for president, at 3:00 a.m., his platform revolved around an appeal of withdrawal from vietnam. enter come home, america. come home to the affirmation that we have a dream. come home to the conviction. >> i knew that we had 75 or 80 million people out there watching the convention. i was probably lucky if i had 2 million people watching at 2:30 in the morning. we did very well out in guam as i recall. that was about the only place where it was well timed. >> reporter: after nixon defeated him in the general election, mcgovern lost his senate re-election bid and left congress in 1981. a failed run for the democratic nomination in '84 saw him return t
Oct 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
to give up the territory after losing the sino-japanese war. >>> the philippines and vietnam have appealed to the international community for a peaceful and legal resolution to the south china sea issue. china wasn't mentioned by name in their speeches to the u.n. general assembly. even so, both countries were clearly calling for support as they resist the spreading influence of asia's rising power. philippine secretary of foreign affairs albert dell rosario usualed countries involved to quickly agree on a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions. >> to address this challenge and to arrive at a durable resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms. we must rely on the body of rules that state the dispute must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations. he called on asean countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of negotiations. asean continues to play a central role in the regional architecture and promo
Oct 3, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in southern vietnam, southern to central vietnam. at the moment it is moving slowly but it is expected to intensify as it heads toward vietnam and for the time being it is really helping to enhance the southwest monsoon across surrounding areas, particularly the philippines. luzon's been having some particularly heavy rain over the last couple of days. we're seeing some showers also in southwestern portions of china and another small low is bringing showers to northeastern china and in towards southeastern russia. temperaturewise cooling down to the north, just 12 degrees for ulan bator. mid 20s in beijing, seoul, as well as shanghai. tokyo 27. still seeing the 30s down into the tropics. heading now to the americas, thunderstorms are going to be on the cards today for the southeastern coast of the u.s. up in towards new england, heavy rain and some strong winds are possible here as well. then we have a winter storm system making its way along the u.s.-canada border. this is going to be bringing precipitation and behind it some very cold air and that spells snow. places like north dakot
Oct 21, 2012 6:30pm PDT
as the man who never gave up. long time senator george mcgovern has died. why he was against the vietnam war even though he was a decorated war hero. >> the presidential candidates preparing for tomorrow's final debate. women voters speak out about who they think have the better plans for women. how does it brew such great coffee? well, inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, actually, i just press this button. brew what you love, simply. keurig. george mcgovern -- who was e -- who was the democratic candidate for president in 2 -- has died. a decorated world war two h, mcgovern was a fierce oppont of the vietnam war, becausee nd what war could >>> former governor mcgovern has died. he was a fierce opponent of the vietnam war because he knew firsthand what war could be. he tried to make the watergate scandal his campaign issue against nixon but the liberal could not escape mistakes in his own campaign and wraeupbg wrangling in the democratic party. he was 90. >>> with two weeks left in the campaign, danielle knottingham shows us the focus of the debate. >> reporter: mitt romney
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm PDT
gave up. gorge mcgovern died. why he was against vietnam even though he was a decorated war hero ,,,, ,,,,,, thirty-eight. schools. trouble, we all should help out. under thirty-eight they do. more a year. bucks. money for schools. every school dollar must be... spent on student learning. student wins. democratic candidate for president in 19-72 -- has d. a decorated world war two h, mcgovern was a fierce oppont is of the vietnam war, becausee . >>> george mcgovern has died. a decorated world war ii hero. mcgovern was a pierce opponent of the vietnam war because he knew firsthand what war could be. he tried to make the watergate scandal his issue against nixon but the liberal mcgovern could not escape mistakes within his own campaign. he was 90. >>> it is getting a little cheaper to fill up your car. it may be a small thing. the price of gas dropped 8 cents over the last two weeks. the average of regular unlead side now $3.75. deceaseel dropped 4 cent -- desel dropped 4 cents. >>> how long until the home for the san jose earthquakes are ready for soccer? ,,,,,,,,,, online outfit
Oct 29, 2012 7:30pm PDT
was a drug addict in the vietnam war. and he migrated from marijuana to heroin. the figure should fill up the space as much as you can deal with. think of a long view -- people driving down the street and seeing the figure. if you take those eyes and keep those leaping, and keep everything else subdued, it's a wonderful statement about the intensity of the person. the thing to think about is filling the space. you know, getting a big scale on it. baca: the historic model for an artist is one in which we see ourselves as a rather large ego. we are the center, and it's our vision of the world. the man who's standing behind this camera has a story that is so much the story that hits a chord of this whole place, that the camera needed to turn around and look at him. that's it. that's it? the cameraman had the experience of coming to be trained to be a fighting soldier, to be sent to vietnam. here's our soldier. steve's exactly my age, so i was there on the other side, you know, praying and worrying for my friends. and we didn't know that they were losing so badly. you know, we didn't know tha
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm PDT
has set up a special panel to speed up the investigation. >>> the philippines and vietnam have appealed to the international community for a peaceful and legal resolution to the south china sea issue. china wasn't mentioned by name in their speeches to the u.n. general assembly. even so, both countries were clearly calling for support as they resist thepreading influence of asia's rising power. the secretary of foreign affairs rosario urged the countries to quickly agree on a legally binding code of conduct to ease tensions. >> to address this challenge and arrive at a resolution, we must rely on the rule of law and not the force of arms. we must rely on the body of rules that state that disputes must be resolved peacefully. >> vietnam's deputy minister of foreign affairs resisted china's demands that the disputes be resolved through bilateral negotiations and called on the countries to work together. >> we should recognize the increasingly important role of reaching the organizations. in east asia the association of southeast asian nations asan continues to play a central role
Oct 28, 2012 10:00am PDT
about your interests in helping veterans first of all. >> i came out of that generation with the vietnam war. and i saw many of my friends go off to war. when they came back if they were fortunate enough to survive the war they were treated like trash. i know for my entire life i felt that those who serve our country deserve our utmost gratitude and good treatment. a few years ago when i started working for the senate i started going to the vets' homes. i met the vets and started seeing their programs. i decided that i wanted to do everything possible to help our vets coming back from iraq and afghanistan. >> i have been to the veterans home. it is such a serene place. i want to move there because it is such a beautiful place. >> it was established after the american civil war. it has been in existence a long time. >> so tell us who qualified or who you would like to participate in the pathway home. >> people need to know that no federal funds go to this program. it is completely supported by grants and individual donations. it is a residential treatment program. they take 40 vets at a t
Oct 22, 2012 6:00pm EDT
election on a platform of withdrawing u.s. troops from vietnam. memorial services are scheduled to begin on thursday in sioux falls, south dakota. we will have more on george mcgovern's life and legacy after the headlines. a federal judge has blocked a new state law in arizona blocking funding for the reproductive services group planned parenthood. the law bans the use of public funds by state or local government to contract in the organization that provides abortions as one of its services. planned parenthood of arizona won a temporary injunction on friday, extended a freeze on the law's implementation. planned parenthood has faced a crackdown in more than a dozen states, including in texas, which last week for in a shut down a health program for low- income women rather than allow planned parenthood to remain involved. and those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we are at the community media center in san rafael, california a. o'mara services are scheduled to begin on thursday in sioux falls, south dakota f
Oct 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
idea to end the vietnam war at that point fall out, contrary to a lot of illusions, the vietnam war was fought primarily to ensure an independent vietnam would not develop successfully and become a model for other countries in the region. not to wrote henry kissinger's terminology, speaking about chile, we have to prevent what they called the virus of independent development from spreading contagion elsewhere. that is a critical part of american foreign policy. britain, france, others to a lesser degree. and by 1965, that was over. vietnam, south vietnam was virtually destroyed in the war could spread to the rest of indochina. it was not one to be a model for anyone. the contagion was contained. there was the regime that major indonesia would not be infected. pretty soon, the u.s. had dictatorships in every country of the region. marcos and philippines, dictatorship in thailand, china, and south korea -- it was no problem about the infection. that would have been a good time to end the vietnam war, he felt. well, that a southeast asia. the decline continues. in the last 10 years, th
Oct 6, 2012 8:45am EDT
to the second world war and the rise of hitler and the vietnam analogy which argues the limits of power. the realist argument you are making at efforts of big transform of rolls of the dice often have very fortunate results and you really talk about foreign policy as being two ideas for analogies at play. i would be interested -- i end of thinking you are a vietnam analogy guy. of munich -- that you wouldn't subscribe to that. am i reading you right? >> wet me say realism leads to the spatial representation of humanity's interests in the first place and that is how i discussed geography which dominates the rest of the book. you have to take them both together. you can that be a munich guy or vietnam guy. it is an analogy that tends to thrive when the country has been in peace and prosperity long enough. it feels it can intervene on behalf of subject and oppressed people around the world and doesn't think about the costs because it hasn't had to pay the cost for several decades. vietnam is about taking care of one's own and taking care of how things can go so horribly wrong. if you are a
Oct 4, 2012 7:00pm PDT
like lit be heading into an easterly direction toward vietnam where it's expected to make landfall. it's moving very slowly at the moment. the winds are at 72 kilometers an hour. a lot of rain is going to be coming off the system. as it heads off east most of that heavy rain in the next 72 hours will be falling over water. as it closes into vietnam significant rain will start to spread out through eastern china. the second storm we were following this week was malixe. it's right here to the northeast of japan. things are looking more clearly. the only resulting influence that we'll see today is going to be some high waves. it's still a very powerful system and will be generating higher waves for the north eastern coast of japan. there's a low pressure system coming along the border with russia and china. temperatures are looking pretty seasonal. 23 degrees in beijing and seoul seeing 23. we'll go to the americas. showers in florida. nothing too severe here. we're seeing an early season winter storm. it's already brought significant snowfall to places like manitoba. it's going to weaken
Oct 21, 2012 11:00pm EDT
in vietnam. >> george was a very complicated person. he was not a pacifist. his argument about vietnam was that particular war. he was talking about, said, one of the nice things about losing enough is you do not have lot to regret. it might yield change. he had a great sense of humor. >> george died in a hospital in south dakota today. family members say 83-year-old inkford died today. was the head of pediatrics at the d.c. general hospital and border baby program bornh helped treat babies to crack cocaine. changes are ahead. >> big changes are on the way. theer temperatures in extended hours. look at satellite d radar from the weather center. clear, dry, a beautiful night ahead. a bit chilly as you wake up morning for work d school. want to dress in layers. temperatures will fall into the 40's across much of the area. we are at 45 degrees at dulles, national airport. for the left-hand side of your screen, west virginia, 35 degrees. up, we will talk about the warm-up. last and whatll expect for last weekend -- next weekend. >> prince george's county police morning out tomorrow clues t
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. the democrat making a surprising run. richard carmona here on hardball. he's a vietnam vet and quite a candidate. about the so-called romney rebellion. as politico put it, ann romney and son tag performed an intervention on mitt trying to put an emphasis on his softer and more moderate image. the softer image was on full display last week in denver. there's a difference between talking in more moderate ways and pledging to govern as a moderate. the mitt we saw last week in that debate was certainly working double time to etch-a-sketch away some of his positions. take a look. >> i will not reduce the share paid by high-income individuals. well, the current rates less 20%, so the top rate, for instance, would go from 35% to 28%. regulation is essentially. this president has enacted job-killing regulations. i will eliminate them. what we did in massachusetts is a model for the nation. >> did you say on camera and other places that at times you thought it would be a model for the nation. >> you're wrong, brad. >> no, no, there's tape -- >> no, the tape out there -- continue to read the t
Oct 22, 2012 3:00pm PDT
, and the military machines behind them. whereas in vietnam it was a confusing situation. we undertook an impossible situation in vietnam. >> woodruff: mcgovern's opposition to the vietnam war blossomed during the first of his three terms in the u.s. senate. his antiwar stance became a crusade that propelled his first losing bid for the democratic presidential nomination in 1968. four years later, his youthful volunteers overwhelmed the party establishment. he emerged as the nominee. >> i assume that everyone here is impressed with my control of this convention and that my choice for vice president was challenged by only 39 other nominees. >> woodruff: indeed that 1972 convention in miami was so kay on thetic that mcgovern did not deliver his acceptance speech until the wee hours of a friday morning. >> so join with me in this campaign. lend senator eagleton and me your strength and your support and together we will call america home to the ideals that nourished us from the very beginning. ( applause ) from secrecy and deception in high places, come home, america. from military spending so wasteful
Oct 21, 2012 11:30am PDT
vehemently opposed the war in vietnam. he entered hospice care last week near his home in south dakota. here's a look back at mcgovern's life and his legacy. george mcgovern lived a fascinating life. america's leading liberal came from republican parents. an out spoken critic of war who was a world war ii hero. he earned a phd in history and then went on to make history. mcgovern first went to washington in 1957, representing south dakota in the house and then later in the senate where he served 18 years. he was among the first to challenge america's involvement in vietnam. >> i resent the president rubbing this war on his election timetable. i don't think you ought to be playing a numbers game with human lives. and that's what this administration has done. >> his opposition to the war would become a trademark. lesser known, his work helping to reform the democratic nomination party process, scaling back the role of processors and insiders and increasing the role of delegates. it's a system used by both parties today. it was mcgovern's own run for president in 1972 most people remember. it d
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am PDT
diplomatic sources say vietnam used the forum to call on the countries concerned to show restraint and cooperate to find a peaceful resolution. vietnam avoided mentioning the country by name, but its criticisms were clearly directed at china. >>> and we're going to wrap up our bulletin from bangkok. >>> a japanese film director returned from the prestigious japanese international film festival with an award in hand. he directed "the land of hope" that was inspired by the nuclear disaster in fukushima. in pregnant woman is too afraid to take off protective clothing. >> i've made my film extremely dramatic. i have made my es sense of the whole thing, i have tried to express it briefly and emphatically. some have visited again and again to hear from survivors. this area was once a disastrous zone. this is a 70-year-old resident of fukushima. her house is 150 feet from the plant. a line was suddenly drawn through her land. she and her children evacuated their home. >> translator: i was shocked to hear about the no-go zone. i hadn't expected that. the air was no different on either side
Oct 21, 2012 6:00pm PDT
ii he was a leading critic of the conflict in vietnam. president obama paid tribute to mcgovern today saying this hero of war became a champion of peace. bob orr looks back. >> reporter: three time democratic presidential candidate george mcgovern won his party's nomination in 1972. >> i accept your nomination with a full and grateful heart. >> reporter: gary hart who would go on to run for president twice himself was mcgovern's campaign manager. and a young vut president bill clinton ran mcgovern's campaign operations in texas. mcgovern, an unabashed liberal called for an immediate end to the vietnam war. but he lost in a landslide to then president richard nixon, after winning just one state, massachusetts. >> we're to the going to shed any tears tonight about the great joys that this campaign has brought to us. >> reporter: one of the great ironies of this race was that president nixon ordered the break-in to the democratic party headquarters in the watergate hotel because he feared being bested by whoever his democratic opponent might be. that break-in lead to nixon's resignation,
Oct 25, 2012 7:30am EDT
and may make the second landfallen vietnam, on saturday. stormiest conditions are easing in the philippines. but we are anticipating 150 millimeters or more over the next 72 hours. mudslides. landslide. as well as the flooding will be a great risk here. and you will notice that heavy rain will be -- will be moving into parts of the, vietnam as well as we head into the weekend. this is not because of a tropical storm, but a low pressure system has dumped quite heavy rain across the black sea region. we have some footage coming out of turkey. the floodwaters, caused injuries and damaged cars and houses, seriously. the same system caused the flash floods in the southeastern tip of the balkans monday, claiming the lives of three. conditions are improving in the locations. but parts of eastern and southern turkey will remain unsettled the next couple days. some where else dealing with heavy rain. southern italy. the good news, rain will be dissipating over the next several hours. out towards the west, remnants of hurricane, rafael, continue to track towards the east over the i
Oct 26, 2012 7:30am EDT
in vietnam, some time between saturday afternoon into your sunday morning, local time. heavy rain, of up to 100 millimeters is likely, from tonight into saturday night. and more heavy rain, will be coming down in central and northern vietnam, over the weekend. as for the philippines, the stormiest conditions have, have been over. but heavy rain is continuing, as much as 150 millimeters or more likely in the upper part of the philippines including manila over the next 72 hours or so. as for the rest of the -- the east asia, rain is intensifying over the river valley that is going to be spreading into the korean peninsula as well as japan into the weekend. all right. finally let's go to europe. the main story is going to be a big temperature contrast between the north and the south. and anywhere to the north of the front, very chilly. look at this. only 7 degrees expected in berlin. and, 5 degrees in warsaw. and 2 in moscow. and actually, snow showers on the cars for warsaw on your saturday. meanwhile, very warm for this time of year in rome. 24 degrees expected. and 26 in athens. all righ
Oct 21, 2012 9:00pm CDT
vietnam-war stance defined his 19-72 presidential bid against richard nixon. mcgovern was first elected by the people of south dakota to the u-s house in 19-57, and he was later elected senator serving 18 years. he continued to express his anti-war views long after he left office. >> this is vietnam situation is so well rages we will never agaioutrageous we will never again go down that road... anti we are again going down that same road again >> president obama praised him as a statesman of great conscious and conviction of dedicated his life to his country >> reverend jesse jackson says his son, congressman jesse jackson junior, will be returning to the mayo clinic. reverend jackson tells the chicago tribune that his son is not back at the clinic yet.. but he will be returning there soon. he says the congressman will undergo a re-evaluation at the clinic, and seek to "regain his equilibrium". congressman jackson has been on medical leave since june tenth. he entered the mayo clinic for treatment of bipolar disorder in july and left the clinic in early september. a south american pol
Oct 21, 2012 6:30pm EDT
was one of the most outspoken opponents of the vietnam war, and tonight he has been remembered for the impact he had on american politics. >> george mcgovern passed away early sunday morning at the age of 90. he is remembered as a proud liberal. mcgovern represented south dakota in both the house and senate. he also served in world war ii, a dedicated bomber pilot. he would go on to be one of the first to speak out against the u.s. involvement in the vietnam war. former new mexico governor bill richardson spoke today about mcgovern's impact on our country. demi -- >> very sad. i think he will be remembered for his contributions on agriculture, on hunger, and then the democratic party. he transformed the party, the primary system, getting minorities involved. >> most people remember mcgovern for his run for president in 1972 against president richard nixon. among the missteps in his campaign, mcgovern was forced to dump his running mate thomas eagleton after it was learned he had a history of psychic -- psychiatric problems. nixon won by a landslide. mcgovern ran again in 1984 b
Oct 22, 2012 4:30am EDT
the vietnam war and cut defense spending. president obama is calling george mcgovern a hero of war who became a champion of peace. >>> time right now is 4:34. police believe a shooting suspect in wisconsin died of an apparent suicide. 45-year-old rad live hangoutton is accused of killing people who worked there. police spent six hours looking for the suspect before they found hangout tonight's body. >>> the san francisco giants are still alive in the national game series. yesterday they won over the cardinals. matt cain will startton. game seven will go head to head with the presidential debate no chris cooley may soon be a redskin again. he was released at the beginning of the season. estes beaten up p by fred davis but with davis out for the rest of the season, cooley may be back. davis ruptured his achilles tendon in the fourth quarter. rg iii completes what should have been the game winning 30-yard touchdown to santana moss. a few seconds lateree lie manning takes apart the secondary. washington could not overcome a 77-yard touchdown to cruz. giants boat the skins 27-23. >> shouldn't have
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